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Rinse Free Bath in the Bag Patient Cleansing and Skin Care Products

OmniCare group is a manufacturing company of rinse-free body bath technology. OmniCare products offer a better quality of life to any person that cannot bathe or shower. With over 16 years of experience, OmniCare Industries brings you the highest standards in the field.

Introducing our new CHG addition to the OmniCare family

The Chlorhexidine Gluconate washcloths

Medical Excellence

Our products have helped many people and elderly stay clean while staying in bed. OmniCare uses the highest quality of natural ingredients to produce products that are gentle on the skin and friendly to the environment.

OmniCare Products are sold in many countries around the world

The Best Rinse Free Products You Can Get


Best Patient Comfort

Give your patients the best care


High Profile Doctors

We worked with experts to develop our products


In-depth Lab Reports

We worked on the best formula in our in-depth lab

Our Products

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    Cleans, moisturizes, and nourishes the skin with Vitamin E and Aloe Vera.
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    Rinse-free technology which offers comfort and effective washing without water and soap.
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    Easy fit for more control over the bathing experience.
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    Economic and efficient, saves time and effort.
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    Strong fabric for comfort of use compared to traditional wipes.
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    Heavy duty.
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    pH balanced formula that does not dry skin like soap and water.
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    Latex Free, Alcohol Free, Paraben Free.
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    Can be warmed before use.

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